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word choice - US and UK English: queue or wait in line ... I haven't heard anyone say, waiting in queue or queued for food. The NOAD also marks it chiefly Brit. That said, queue is pretty common when it comes to computers. And in some areas it may refer to a braid of hair worn at the back. "Samurai shaved the tops of their heads and then gathered hair from the sides and back together into a queue.

Cannot join queue, waiting for match to end | Forum Now nobody in my party can queue, we're told that we can't join queue as it is waiting for a match to end.EDIT. It should effect all queues for all maps. Java method to return task status & status ... | CA… "state_waiting_host"; taskStatusText = "Waiting for post processing host"; break; case 1686: taskStatus = "state_ waiting_others"Although the ConnectionAttributes.getTranslator() returns an object of class com. uc4.translate.Message which is part of the package the package never was...

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Put the message info a message queue specified by queue. When the message queue is full the system retry for a specified time with millisec. In this case the tread is put into the state WAITING. When millisec is set to osWaitForever the function will wait for an infinite time until a message queue slot becomes available. Note: Job Segment Scheduler (JSS) Queues - IBM DUPNAME-WAIT indicates the number of jobs waiting for the main SE because a job of the same name is already active in main. Two batch jobs with the same name cannot be in main at the same time. CI JSAM-WAIT queue contains jobs that are waiting for JSAM buffer usage by C/I to decrease below the allowable threshold. Automic/UC4/Appworx: New User Documentation – RPI DotCIO From the Explorer window the user can choose to view information regarding UC4 running (Agents), jobs waiting to run, are running, or have already run in UC4. History Window : History Agent Summary and Queue Summary at the number of seconds set here. History Display Limits – Enter the Previous Minutes amounts for display in the Job ... Queued | Definition of Queued at Dictionary.com

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Section 4: Using wlm_query_slot_count to Temporarily Override ... Sometimes, users might temporarily need more resources for a particular query. If so, they can use the wlm_query_slot_count configuration setting to temporarily override the way slots are allocated in a query queue.

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Configure slot allocation per queue SLOT_POOL. Optional: Define the following in lsb.queues for each queue that uses queue-based fairshare: HOSTS to list the hosts that can receive jobs from theUSE_PRIORITY_IN_POOL to allow allocation of any unused slots in the slot pool based on the job priority across queues in the slot pool. Why are we getting message "waiting for queued..." |… One of my customers received a "waiting for queued job to start" message today, and it then took about 5 minutes for the job to run.With SHP and based on how many users are logged on to a server load balanced by VIP and also the Dashboards they are launching you might start getting Job queued. Waiting for queue before logging in - Forums No announcement yet. Waiting for queue before logging in.Same here, I was already playing and was kicked out, then got a 20min queue, waited and it didnt let me in, this is absurd, my time is valuable and making me wait is a tremendous disrespect I wont ever spend another dime on this game. [android-developers] Help: Main thread getting stuck …

Allocate a memory block from the mail queue that is filled with the mail information. When no memory block slot is available, the tread is put into the state WAITING for the time specified with millisec. When millisec is set to osWaitForever the function will wait for an infinite time until a mail queue slot becomes available. Build Slot Waiting List - Bugatti Baby II Build Slot Waiting List Please enter your details below to apply for a build slot for the Bugatti Baby II. Build slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will be in touch in the coming weeks to let you know if you have been successful and what the next steps will be... Job Segment Scheduler (JSS) Queues - IBM