Why we should not legalize gambling

No it should not be legal at all. Gambling should be illegal for one they profit from the poor two homelessness is on the rise and three so is crime and i blame gambling i don't know how we kept gambling legal for so long when it rips everyone off which is not a good thing at all

Legal gambling is taxed and regulated and illegal gambling is not. Legal gambling sets the stage for illegal gambling just the way legal marijuana would set the stage for illegal marijuana trafficking. The gambling precedent suggests strongly that illegal drug suppliers would thrive by selling more potent marijuana products outside of the legal ... PRO/CON: Should Texas Legislature legalize casino gambling ... Texas could capture a lot of that money with a targeted bill that permits casino gambling in certain areas. A bill has been filed to let Indian reservations open casinos, but the practice should ... Should Gambling Be Legalized? - Term Paper The most common idea that gets debated upon is whether or not we should roll the dice and legalize gambling as a revenue winner. The advocates view on legalizing gambling point out that its productive way to bring in new jobs, a first class, environmentally friendly resorts, and a steady long term revenue stream for the state and several towns.

Why Should Gambling Be Legal? September 10, 2010, maureen, Leave a comment. Why Should Gambling Be Legal? The government must not interfere with the peaceful and voluntary acts of adults within their scope. It is every person’s right to spend his own money on whichever form of entertainment that he likes.

We don't ban hamburgers. Or chocolate. Or alcohol. Or even weed in some states … Personal freedoms are important, and should not be ... Should Gambling Be Legalized Essay - 450 Words | Cram Many people do not want to legalize gambling because they think that it would bring in crime, but crime will be present in spite of whether gambling is legalized  ... Should gambling be legalised? - The Hindu

Intended to “stop the spread of legalized gambling on sports events,” it exempted Nevada, which had legalized sports betting in 1949, and three states with sports lotteries.

Pa. should not legalize use of marijuana for ‘recreation ... While some states are legalizing the recreational use of marijuana — all but one through voter referendums — Pennsylvania should not. The reasons are sound: Legalizing pot for open use creates ...

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Medical Marijuana Should be Legalized Essay. Twenty states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. Iowa, at this time, has decided not to legalize medical marijuana in spite of many Iowa citizens advocating for the legalization of the drug. Iowa is taking a cautious approach to medical marijuana. Gambling--Should it be Legalized - Scholarly Commons John Scarne, famous gambling authority, who assisted. in cleaning up dishonest gambling in the United States Army, has stated that many gambling houses do not engage in fraud. in the sense that they resort to cheating. gambling should be legalized by julia webber on Prezi Transcript of gambling should be legalized. If you are still convinced that gambling is bad then at least realize that gambling is no different from any other consensual crime. Prohibiting it does not make it go away. It merely pushes it underground where it is impossible to monitor for cheating and fraud and where the stakes are higher.

Just let us decide. Sen. John Carona’s legislation would not legalize gambling; instead, the bill allows for Texans to make the decision about gambling in their state. If the Legislature truly supports personal responsibility, lawmakers should support such legislation and allow adults to make the decision about where they spend their money.

Should the U.S. legalize hard drugs? By George F. Will. George F. ... and we are learning how to do so. Reducing consumption by the 80 percent of casual users will not substantially reduce the ... Why Prostitution should not be Legalized?

Gambling Deposits Should Be Easy . Though online gambling are not technically outlawed, there are restrictions in place regarding the rules of actually depositing into these online gambling sites. This is why, as well as the regulatory and tax reasons, as to why online gambling should be legal. Opinion | Should Sports Betting Be Legalized? - The New ... So, no, don’t legalize sports betting. In fact, it’s high time we as a society banned all gambling, including casinos and state lotteries. It’s time to end states’ addiction to gambling revenue, which is nothing more than a tax on the poor. And it’s high time we cracked down on online gambling. Three reasons why we should legalize gambling in Texas ...